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kidsphoto24Al-Anon and Alateen
Al-Anon and alateen site which also has the Spanish language version on the site.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Rehab Centers
A directory of public, private and non-profit agencies in the United States that offer various levels of alcoholism and drug abuse rehabilitation and treatment services.

Alpha Home of San Antonio
Goal is to provide women with an affordable, safe haven where they can identify and overcome the core issues underlying their chemical addictions, regain their independence, and rejoin their communities as healthy, whole women.

Central Service Office of San Antonio

Cocaine Anonymous
Cocaine Anonymous is open to all persons who state a desire to stop using cocaine, including “crack” cocaine, as well as all other mind-altering substances. There are no dues or fees for membership.

Cost-free alcohol and drug treatment programs
There are several rehab and treatment options that cost very little or nothing at all. If someone sincerely wants help and is committed to stop drinking alcohol or doing drugs, there are options available.

Dual Recovery Anonymous
Meeting locations, medication issues, personal stories, international news, and upcoming events.

DUI Foundation
Goal of this organization is to help people realize the life-altering effects drinking and driving can have on us and hopefully convince people to think twice the next time they consider getting behind the wheel after having a few too many.

Families Anonymous

Group 12 Alcoholics Anonymous


Health Finder and More
An encyclopedia of over 1,600 health topics.

International America National Resource On Recovery
A list of 26 drug rehab centers, sober living homes, and mental health services in San Antonio.

LaHacienda Treatment Center
Offers community support throughout the State of Texas with outreach offices located in San Antonio, Irving, Houston, Austin, College Station, and McAllen.
The San Antonio area community outreach office is located at 8600 Wurzbach, Suite 702.

Laurel Ridge
Lauren Ridge is a psychiatric hospital offering a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health care services, including acute programs for children, adolescents and adults, and residential treatment for children and adolescents.
The 196-bed, campus-style facility is located on 18 acres in San Antonio, Texas. Living units are located at one end of the campus. The facility includes a school building, gymnasium, recreational facility, playgrounds, swimming pool, ROPES (Reality-Oriented Physical Experimental Situation Course), library, computer lab and dining room.
Lifetime Recovery
Chemical dependency treatment center that lists programs, admission procedures, costs, events, questions and answers, information for families, and other useful links.

Marijuana Anonymous World Services
Lists meeting schedules, newsletter, literature, and merchandise.

Narcotics Anonymous

National Association for Children of Alcoholics
The mission of this association is to eliminate the adverse impact of alcohol and drug use on children and families.
The website lists affiliate organizations throughout the country, and in Great Britain, Germany, and Canada.
Publishes periodic online and print newsletters.
Creates videos, booklets, posters and other educational materials to assist natural helpers to intervene and support children.
The association hosts this site with information about and ways to help children of alcoholics and other drug dependent parents.
The association sends information packets to all who ask.
The association maintains a toll-free phone available to all.
There is a link on this site called “Just for Kids” where children can:

  • Learn how alcohol and other drugs hurt everyone in a family.
  • Learn how to feel safer and less stressed out.
  • Find new ways to deal with hassles at home.
  • Find hope, even if your parents don’t change.

Oxford & Sobriety Houses:
1. Beacon Hill 310 Cincinnati Ave. 210-251-3365
2. Davis 730 Hammond Ave. 210-455-3921
3. Fredericksburg 311 Cincinnati Ave. 210-320-1914
4. Loma Park 206 Florencia Tobin 210-276-0657
5. Love Thy Neighbor McCullough 210-822-6549
6. McCullough House 210-828-5108
7. Mistletoe 1130 W. Mistletoe 210-733-6900
8. Mens Sober Living 210-240-7500 (Chris Copeland)
9. Shadywood 210-826-7006
10. Step House 1138 W. Lullwood 210-732-7520


Quick Reference Numbers:

Alanon Intergroup 210-829-1392cellphone1
Alanon-Club 12 210-342-3063
Alpha House 210-735-3822
Camden 210-223-4284
Lifetime Recovery 210-633-0201
Lifetime Recovery(Basse) 210-734-6323
Central Service Office 210-821-6325
Helpline 210-828-6235
Club 12 210-344-8981
Club 12 Fax Number 210-344-1778
Council On Alcoholism 210-225-4741
Downtown Group 210-223-0591
Goliad Group 210-534-3937
Lambda 210-979-5939
MADD 210-349-0200
Narcotics Anonymous 210-434-0665
Overeaters Anonymous 210-492-5400
Oxford House 210-733-6900
Patrician Movement 210-532-3126
Salvation Army 210-352-2020
SAMM Shelter 210-224-5838
S.A. State Hospital 210-532-8811
Spanish AA 210-533-9770
United Way 210-352-7000
VA Hospital 210-617-5300
Winners Club 210-680-5496

Recovery Connection
Drug addiction treatment program that has received national recognition for helping people throughout the United States locate reputable, state-of-the-art drug and addiction treatment resources.

Recovery Resources Online
Drug Rehab Centers – Alcoholism – Addictions – Mental Health Help

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator
Search by city and state. Lists the name of the facility, address, telephone number, primary focus, services provided, type of care, and forms of payment accepted. In addition, many of the facilities have their own websites that you can research.

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator
Extensive website which includes the folowing:

  • Lists all facilities in a specified geographic area – city/ county/ state/ zip code/entire U.S.
  • Lists facilities with selected services in a specified geographic area.
  • Download a computer-readable file or print the results of a List Search.
  • Search for a facility by name of part of its name.

The website also lists the following:

  • Primary focus of Provider.
  • Services provided.
  • Type of care.
  • Special programs/Groups offered.
  • Forms of payment accepted.
  • Shows if payment assistance is available.

(Treatment facilities displaying language codes reported that staff counselors provide treatment in those languages. In addition, many facilities bring in on-call interpreters for any language, as needed. Contact the individual facility for specific information.)

US Alcohol Treatment Centers
Browse over 35,000 treatment centers in the United States. Locate by State and then by City. Also contains useful articles about alcohol addiction.


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Twelve-step theory and history.

Grapevine Magazine

The E-AA Group of Alcoholics Anonymous
An AA Recovery Site – Excellent!
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