Club 12 Alcoholics Anonymous


Thank You for Saying “NO”

God, thank you for not answering all my prayers. All my life I’ve prayed for special favors. I’ve bothered You with so many petty things. I’ve asked You to solve problems that I created and could have solved myself. I’ve prayed that You will make life easy for me. I’ve asked You to help me answer questions which I ought to answer by thinking for myself.

I’ve prayed for sure ways to success and short cuts to wealth when I should have been working to attain goals that really satisfy. I’ve asked for good health instead of exercising my body and being more careful about my diet and health habits. I’ve asked You to help me understand my fellow man when I should have been listening and trying to help him with his problems.

I realize now that if You had answered all my prayers, I would be weak, dependent, and lazy. By forcing me to work out some of my own problems, You have forced me to be strong.

You have helped me to become a person I can respect. My days are filled with opportunity to help others. Thank you for not giving in to my every wish.


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