Club 12 Alcoholics Anonymous

Just go straight to hell and make a u-turn.

. AA: Being a part of something is more important that being the center of attention.

. AA is the only place where you can walk into a room full of strangers and reminisce.

. AA romance… the odds are good… but the goods are odd.

. AA: Look for a way in; not for a way out.

. AA: We are not reformed drunks, but informed alcoholics.

. AA has no fixed address — you can take it with you.

. AA: We are here for a reason, not for the season.

. AA Groups: An AA group will be judged by the worst behavior of its members.

. Before I came to AA I was dead, but did not know enough to lie down.

. In AA there are no losers – just slow winners.

. Alcoholic (as defined by self): A piece of crap that the universe revolves around.

. Alcoholic: Someone who refuses to give up a life of failure without a fight.

. A person who when s/he goes to a wedding, wants to be the bride and when s/he goes to a funeral, wants to be the corpse.

. An alcoholic is someone who wants to be held while isolating.

. Alcoholic: I may not be much, but I’m all I think about.

. Alcoholic: “If I could drink like a normal drinker, I’d drink all the time!”

. Alcoholics burn their bridges in front of them.

. An alcoholic is someone who finds something that works and then stops doing it.

. If you think you are an alcoholic, chances are you are.

. An alcoholic is a person with two feet planted firmly in mid-air.

. Non-alcoholics change their behavior to meet their goals; alcoholics change their goals to meet their behavior.

. An alcoholic can be in the gutter and still look down on people.

. High bottoms have trap doors.

. If the cure works, chances are you have the disease.

. Three most dangerous words for an alcoholic: “I’ve been thinking”


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